Terms of Services

The services that we provide are totally used for lawful purposes only. Transmitted, stored or presented of any information, data or material is totally violation of any state is prohibited. We do not allow the copyrighted, spam or illegal items which can create harmful effect on Uttara Host server. Prohibited sites means which promotes illegal activities or copied content from the other websites. So we maintain these rules very strictly.

Unacceptable content or links:

We don't Allow :

  • 1. Pirated.
  • 2. Hacker Programs or Activity.
  • 3. Warez sites or linking
  • 4. Audio and video streaming
  • 5. Social Media Sites. (Not applicable for vps)
  • 6. Phishing Sites. (Not applicable For Vps


If your account found to contain any illegal activity, illegal MP3 files, Pirated Software’s, warez sites, Phishing sites or any other illegal files, your account will be transmitted immediately without any notice. And you will be fined 50$ for doing these activities. We will notify the proper authorities of your actions.

Overselling / Fair Usage

You should not create account unnecessarily, install any software or upload any files. Because it adds space. So without any important needs you supposed to not doing any of these things. According to the fair usage policy, excessive CPU usage is not allowed. So after confirming all of these limitation you can have our best services regarding web hosting.

Resource Limitations

In order to provide the best uptime possible, your sites must comply with the following limitations: